U-Log’s software is a cloud based solution for all U-Log hardware. All read RFID tags
are recorded stored in U-Log cloud in real time can be accessed from
any at any time. It is designed to be simple to use versatile for each
operation culture.
Operator can new shipments with the PO name, set target lead time and
target quantity. This software can also be integrated to any ERP system to easily
import export shipment / order data by an API connection.
User interface of the software can be changed according to the target retailer’s
system. It means that you can see the size EPC information of a Spanish buyer
but also see the EAN Code, Serial Number all other information of a French
buyer with the same software. This versatility is U-Log’s biggest accomplishment
and is the difference maker when compared to similar solutions in the global
U-Log software has the ability to read detect any Passive UHF RFID tag,
including Hard Tags, Stickers, Labels, Care Labels, Alarm Tags as long as they are
between the 860-960 MHz RFID frequency.

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