Universal RFID Solutions For Better Textile Logistics


U-Logs is a global RFID logistics management system that is being used as a solution for both retailers and ready-made garment manufacturers for years. It helps companies to save manpower and time, resulting with decreased costs and increased sustainability. This system consists of an RFID device, Software and Web Portal.
With this system, retailers can start Supply Chain automation from the manufacturer’s factory, enabling real time data sharing, thus total supply chain visibility.
1 Hardware: U-Logs’s hardware portfolio has rich variable options as solutions to different type of products. They are being used in many warehouses, factories and logistics centers since last decade to provide live data and supply chain visibility.
2 Software: U-Logs’s software was developed by channeling years of experience in textile industry and requirements of modern supply chain visibility to a cloud based solution. It gathers the information from the RFID Tagged Items and sends it to the cloud server where that information becomes a usable data for the retailer and manufacturer.
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