Universal RFID Solutions For Better Textile Logistics

About Us

U-Logs for your global RFID logistics solutions!

U-Logs is an RFID-based global solution that digitalizes textile logistics and makes it easier to manage at a lower cost. This system has been a solution partner to different companies in many countries for many years.
The most important parts of the supply chain are correct quantity and timely deliveries. Box-based and hanger-based counts of ready-to-ship products with RFID tags are done much faster and with %100 accuracy with U-Logs, so that the products can be shipped safely and away from human error.
Contrary to the confusion created by heavy phone and mail traffic, U-Logs works as a cloud based solution. In this way; users can manage multiple logistics operations simultaneously from a single screen; see dozens of details such as PO, color, size, manufacturer name, loading time, remaining-loaded pieces of all logistics movements; and access reports of all their activities easily.
U-Logs system installation does not require money and time. Thus, it provides savings in terms of  cost and time. U-Logs is a plug and play system which needs only internet connection and energy.
The companies that adapt fastest to changing business conditions are the companies that lead their sectors. U-Logs is a dynamic system. It follows the changes in the sector steadily and ensures that users are constantly up-to-date by adding the necessary updates and innovations in the system.
Communication between systems used in companies prevents loss of time and valuable information. U-Logs has the ability to work integrated with many ERP systems in our day.
Conventional long waiting durations; thanks to being a web-based system, U-Logs can instantly respond the needs and provide solutions to support requirements anywhere in the world.